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MIGOUBCN Anti-Scratch Cream - Cycling Badana Cream - Chamois Cream

MIGOUBCN Anti-Scratch Cream - Cycling Badana Cream - Chamois Cream

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  • ANTI-CRAFTING CREAM MADE IN SPAIN SUITABLE FOR WOMEN AND MEN: If you are a woman it is important to use an anti-friction cream without menthol or Vaseline, especially if you are a cyclist and you are going to use it in the area of ​​the pad since it will be in contact with the genital area and menthol can produce an unpleasant sensation, especially in girls.
  • IMPORTANT: The anti-scratch cream is VERY CONCENTRATED, so 250ml is equivalent to 500ml if it were a creamy texture. It can become almost solid depending on the temperature as it has a base of natural waxes, you have to apply a little on your hand and massage until it becomes more liquid, then apply to the desired area on the skin, not the pad, this texture It is like this to maintain consistency with body temperature and preserve its effectiveness by costing more to be absorbed by the pad.
  • CYCLING, RUNNING, TRIATHLON, TRAIL: Whatever your sport, if you suffer or may suffer chafing, for example on your feet when doing long runs in Trail, nipples in Marathon, neck area in Triathlon or chamois area in cycling, Using an anti-blister cream will prevent you from suffering the dreaded chafing.
  • THIGH ANTI-FRICTION CREAM: If your groin rubs, apply the anti-friction cream and you will see how the dreaded pimples and redness will not appear. This usually happens in people who practice bodybuilding, fitness or are overweight, since the volume of the thighs makes them touch and cause chafing or sores.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO PURE VASELINE: Vaseline is a petroleum derivative, which is why we propose an anti-friction cream based on waxes, butters and essential oils

Product description

sports products cycling running trail fitness crossfitsports products cycling running trail fitness crossfit

anti chafing cream

We have combined a series of essential oils and waxes to create a product that is perfect for use by both women and men.

We do not use menthol or Vaseline (derived from petroleum)

Applications Anti-chafing Cream

Chamois anti-friction cycling creamChamois anti-friction cycling cream

anti-friction thigh anti-chafing creamanti-friction thigh anti-chafing cream

anti-chafing cream for feet blistersanti-chafing cream for feet blisters

neoprene anti chafing creamneoprene anti chafing cream

Cycling chamois cream

Cream for cycling chamois without menthol or petroleum derivatives, so it is suitable for use by both women and men.

An anti-chafing cream designed for use on the chamois area can be used anywhere on the body, a general anti-chafing cream may not be suitable for contact with the chamois area.

The sensation that menthol provides in the female genital area can be quite unpleasant, which is why we do NOT include menthol in our formulation.

Thighs anti-chafing cream

There are people who suffer chafing or pimples caused by the continuous contact of one leg against the other.

Either due to being overweight or due to a great muscle building in the legs.

Applying Migou Bcn anti-chafing cream eliminates or minimizes chafing or boils.

Anti-scratch foot cream

When you practice running or trail running, especially long distance, chafing can appear on the feet, nipples, neck and different points of the body.

Apply the anti-chafing cream before going for a run and you will notice the difference.

Neoprene anti-friction cream

When swimming with neoprene plus salt and humidity can soften the skin and just in the area where the neoprene ends and the exposed skin begins, such as the neck, wrists or ankles it can cause chafing.

Apply a liberal layer of cream to help minimize this problem.

Hemp seed oil.

Essential oilEssential oil

Hemp oil contains up to 90% polyunsaturated acids, vitamins E, phytosterols and minerals.

It is ideal for very dry and mature skin due to its regenerative and antioxidant power. Its anti-inflammatory effect makes it ideal for skin that is suffering from chafing.

It is a dry touch oil that is quickly absorbed.

cypress essential oil

cypress oilcypress oil

Cypress essential oil for cosmetic use has activating circulation, anti-cellulite, sebum-regulating and antiseptic properties.

rosemary essential oil

Rosemary oilRosemary oil

Rosemary essential oil is ideal for calming inflammation, eliminating toxins from tissues, combating fluid retention and improving blood circulation, as well as having bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Sunflower seed essential oil

sunflower seed oilsunflower seed oil

Oil especially rich in vitamin E and caffeic acid, a natural antioxidant that helps keep the skin in good condition. Helps hydrate it, reducing blemishes and diminishing the appearance of both stretch marks and wrinkles.

lavender essential oil

lavender oillavender oil

Lavender essential oil is used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing, and draining properties.

• Anti-inflammatory: this essential oil is suitable to reduce inflammation caused by bites, allergies or eczema. In addition, it is perfect for relieving rheumatism, cramps or relaxing muscles after continuous exercise.

• Antiseptic and healing: lavender is ideal as a treatment for dermis problems such as acne, dermatitis, eczema or skin eruptions. Its assets help to clean the skin surface and purify it, preventing bacteria from developing on the skin surface. It also heals the epidermis in case of burns, which is why it is considered one of the best essential oils when it comes to regenerating tissues.

• Draining: another of the uses that this oil has is as a draining agent, helping to eliminate toxins and decongesting the lymphatic system.

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