• Perfect Fit

    Cycling pants tight to the body thanks to its intelligent fabric
  • Smart Fabric

    High Breathability and UV Filter UPF +50
  • ultra comfortable pad

    DOLOMITI/ lightweight, multiple thickness and density without creating rigid edges
  • Eco friendly

    Manufactured with 100% renewable solar energy
  • Last generation fabric, seamless with laser clean-cut technology.
    PADS FOR LONG DISTANCES recommended for tours of 6 to 9 hours
  • It stays in place thanks to the silicone tape at the ends
    PADS FOR MEDIUM DISTANCES recommended for routes of up to 6 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions Woman Cycling Shorts

What kind of fit does it have?

Our cycling suits have a tight cut, slim fit, which guarantees the necessary compression and comfort.

What season or temperatures are they suitable for?

Our Short Culottes are optimized for Spring Summer. Its intelligent fabric allows the evacuation of sweat and quick drying. If you want to use it in between seasons, you can combine it with our winter accessories.

How many pockets does it have?

If you are looking for a Cycling Shorts with pockets, you can choose our " bibpocket" cargo version.

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