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VeloChampion Luxury Cream Chamois

VeloChampion Luxury Cream Chamois

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  • ✅ AVAILABLE IN 3 STYLES - Menthol 150ml. 150 ml and 75 ml travel tube without menthol
  • ✅ LUXURY MOISTURIZING ATHLETE CREAM - Suitable for cyclists, triathletes and runners to reduce discomfort with a non-greasy moisturizing application.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR LONG DAYS IN THE SADDLE / RACING - You can apply this antibacterial chamois cream directly to the skin or chamois before exercise to reduce friction and discomfort and reapply as needed.
  • ✅ QUICK APPLICATION, NON-GREASY - Our unique chamois cream formula has a non-greasy application and reduces friction between your skin, chamois pad and saddle so you can ride comfortably. Also recommended for runners.
  • ✅ LAB TESTED FOR SAFE APPLICATION - Tested and manufactured in the UK, our chamois creams are tested to ensure maximum performance for any athlete and effortlessly reduce friction.

Product description

chamois cream ukchamois cream uk


  • antibacterial
  • Non-greasy application and will not stain your chamois pad.
  • Prevents pain in the saddle
  • Suitable for men or women.
  • reduces friction
  • Moisturizes the skin

VeloChampion Luxury anti-scratch chamois cream without menthol 150ml.

Ideal for cycling, running and other sports related activities

Looking for a soothing chamois cream that will moisten your skin and make those long walks or runs more bearable?

Our deluxe VeloChampion Chamois Cream is now menthol-free and reduces friction so you feel cool and comfortable while in the saddle. Acting as a barrier cream designed for cyclists and runners, this antibacterial cream will give you an effective, non-greasy application that you can reapply as needed.


Why do I need to use a chamois cream?

If you've experienced pain and discomfort in the saddle while riding, our new VeloChampion Menthol-Free Chamois Cream can help you feel comfortable while in the saddle.

chamois cream ukchamois cream uk

How do I apply the chamois cream?

We recommend that you apply your chamois cream before running or riding. We recommend 2 ways to apply the chamois cream:

  1. Apply VeloChampion Chamois Cream directly to your skin before putting on your cycling shorts.
  2. Apply VeloChampion Chamois Cream to the chamois pad inside your cycling shorts before putting them on.

Always wash your hands before and after application.

suitable for mensuitable for men

chamois cream chamois cream


resealable tub

Designed to add comfort

Made in the UK


About VeloChampion

VeloChampion was founded in Manchester in 2009, we set out to produce cycling products.

As part of VeloChampion's growth, we've expanded into triathlon and running, fitness and mountain biking gear, so you can now shop by sport, so you can gear up and get going.

In recent years, VeloChampion has seen the brand become an established partner of the UCI Tour of Britain international stage race.

VeloChampion is one of the leading online cycling brands in Europe. We are present worldwide in more than 10 countries.

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For over 10 years VeloChampion products have provided high-quality performance for riders of all ages and abilities.


We offer a range of over 150 high quality cycling products, designed in the UK for athletes around the world.


Cycling isn't just our job, it's our passion and we want our customers to love our VeloChampion as much as we do.

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